Welcome friends

The Society of the Pure Hearts is very greatful and happy to welcome so many visitors from all over the world to our website.

All together we speak so many different languages, but there is one language that unites us, the language of the gospel.

United in Christ as children of God we are one big family. With the light and love of Christ in our hearts we are called to spread that light all over the world. Especially in these dark times the world needs to be lighten up.

The Society of the Pure Hearts is founded in the Netherlands (one of the worlds most secularised countries) to help bring God back to the people's hearts and to deepen the faith of them who know Jesus already but wish to make their relation with Him stronger. We do so by organising different activities. From lectures, meetings, (silent) retraites to providing christian social help (works of mercy) to those in need. In other words: living our faith according to the gospel.

Our basics is in the Netherlands and the dutch speaking part of Belgium, but we go wherever the Lord wants us to be. Our teachings are stricktly based on the Holy Scripture, the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the teachings and spiritual testaments of many saints. We are a community of lay people and religious and are guided by priests. Our co-founder is the reverend father dr. Jan Bots SJ.

Because we are based in the Netherlands doesn't mean that you need to be dutch to become a member. People from all over the world may join us. Membership is FREE!! Only you need to have the intention to dedicade him/herself to Our Lord Jesus Christ can become a member. You can join us in several ways: by becoming a full member, in that way we provide you with all our texts in english, help you daily by forming your own caracter and spritual growth, we can come with a team to your parish for lectures and help you to establish a subcommunity in the place where you live.

Or you can become a praying member: In that way you help us by daily praying for the intentions of our community and it's evangelising mission.

Or you can also become a benefactor: In that way you help us with a donation to support our development, mission and our projects for the works of mercy, so you then also provide help for those in need, something that God definatly rewards. Our IBAN: NL59 INGB 000 929 09 76.

In anyway when you want to become a member, send us your name, adress, date of birth and we will register you and send you a valueable welcome present.

We will be shortly starting also with english video's on our website, Youtube-channel and Facebook-page (You can join us there too!).

Join us, even today, in bringing God's light into yourself and into the world.

Thank you for your interest and God bless.

Society of the Pure Hearts.