Welcome to the official website of the Community of the Pure Hearts.

On this site we will tell you all about our Community .

We are working on a complete english translation of our website but until that is realised we will give you a short introduction on this page.

The Community of the Pure Hearts is founded the beginning of 2019 by the rev. fr.dr. J. Bots SJ and Michael and Maggie Schoenmakers by the purpose of (re)evangelisation and (re)introduction and deeping the Catholic faith in the first place the Netherlands and Belgium, but also all places where God wants us to be active.

We try to achieve this by organising lots of activities and projects. The Community of the Pure Hearts is more directed on the Catholic faith and evangelisation. Everybody who has the intention to live a life according to the christian faith and wish to get the gift of a pure heart is very welcome, but we have a target audience of especially: youth, (young) families, (lonely) elderly, (christian) refugees.

We are strictly following the teachings of the (catholic) Church and the teachings of the holy Scripture and the teachings of a lot of saints like; St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Paul, St. Faustina, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Augustine, St.Thomas etc. Beside that our guide on the way to the faith is Mary. Because our holy Mother is the most sure way to unite yourself in love with Jesus Christ, our Lord. One of our priorities is the 'internal prayer' our closest connection with God deep inside us. That's why if we want to listen to what our Lord wants to say to us, we need to disconnect ourself from all what can disturb.

We have priests who guide us and help us on the right way of our faith, who participate in our activities. Aswell as bishops approval. We also want to reach out to people through our youtube-channel: Zuivere Harten NL. Now we have only dutch spoken videos on it, but we are also planning recording english spoken videos.

As community and foundation we are working together with international communties in for example Belgium, Poland and Italy, but we very much wish to extent our international network. If you are in a community or prayer-group or you want us to connect, please let us know and we will be in contact.

We are very happy and greatful that the amount of international visitors to our website daily increases.

If you wish to know more about our Community of the Pure Hearts or Pura Corda Foundation, please let us know, send us an email to: info@zuivereharten.nl and we will contact you as fast as possible.

If you are interested we can send you a translated copie of the texts on our website.

You can also follow us on Facebook: Pura Corda

Join us, become a member.

Even if you are living abroad, there is no problem to become a member of the Community of the Pure Hearts.

Subscribe to our emailadress your name, date of birth, adress and we will register you as a member. For your free membership we will send you a present, we will keep you updated with our activities and teachings and you are asured of our prayers. Weekly we have a holy Mass intended for our members and benefactors.

Please also consider to become a benefactor, support us financially so we can continue to do our mission in evangelisation and unite christians worldwide. IBAN: NL 59 INGB 000 929 09 76. We wish to organise activities and projects in your country. You can help us with it by becoming an active member and leader of your subcommunity of the Pure Hearts

Join us in unity and creating a peaceful and better society.

God Bless.